Attorney Vincent Wisely has extensive experience as a federal criminal defense practitioner and knows how to develop an effective defense strategy for your federal criminal case.  


The Federal criminal justice system is very different from the State system, and requires the specific knowledge and experience of a federal criminal defense practitioner. Make sure you choose an attorney with significant federal criminal defense experience for your federal criminal case! Attorney Wisely has dedicated a majority of his criminal defense practice to helping those charged with federal crimes. If you have been accused of a federal crime or have become a target in a federal criminal investigation, call Attorney Wisely immediately! 


Attorney Wisely also represents clients who have been charged with major felony offenses in state court.  His valuable experience as a former Dallas Police Officer and felony prosecutor has been instrumental in obtaining many great outcomes for his clients who were facing serious felony charges. Attorney Wisely is knowledgeable of the policies and practices of local law enforcement agencies, which translates into the most effective legal representation for his clients. 

Fort Worth, TX

"Your best defense against a federal criminal charge is to hire a competent, no-nonsense attorney who has specific knowledge and experience in the federal criminal system. A federal criminal case cannot be defended the same as a state criminal case. Too often, a state criminal approach is taken in federal court and the client suffers for it. I have dedicated a majority of my professional life to the competent and aggressive representation of individuals charged with federal crimes, and to helping them avoid significant federal consequences."

Vincent E. Wisely


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